By Hocine LOUKKAF on 6/14/2021

With a 100% Spanish final game between Barcelona and Madrid to close the event, it was one more opportunity to scout Eli N’Diaye and James Nnaji. They were two of the numerous talents who showcased their skills during this can’t-miss event.

Eli N’Diaye 6-8 PF/C 2004 Real Madrid
Stats :19pts 13.3rbds 2.8as  3.5st 1bl 74% FT

N’Diaye was solid the whole tournament, being as efficient on defense (13.3rbs 3.5st 1bl) as he was on offense, showing the ability to shoot from the perimeter and knocking down his FTs (5/15 3pt, 74% FTs. Despite struggling a little bit more against Barcelona (3/9 FG), his versatility is rare for such a young big man (9rbds 5as 5st).

Michael Caicedo 6-6 SF/SF 2003 Barcelona
Stats : 19.8pts 8.5rbds 2.3as

A projected swingman, Caicedo has nice tools and versatility but also real weaknesses he has to work on. A good but not elite athlete, Caicedo needs to be more agressive on offense (no FT attempts over the last two games in 80min) but above all, be more consistent from three (26% including 3/14 vs Mega Belgrad)

James Nnaji 6-10 C 2004 Barcelona
Stats : 14.3pts 9.3rbds 4.3bl

Less talented offensively than N’Diaye (38% FT), Nnaji couldn’t be matched physically as he used his tools both on offense (77% FG) and defense (4.3bl). He needs to keep polishing his offense, at least hit consistently his free throws not to be a liability for his team at the upper level but could at least be a solid defensive anchor.

Killian Malwaya 6-5 SG 2005 ASVEL
Stats : 11.7pts 5.3rbds

Arguably the best 2005 prospect in France (with his teammate Risacher), Malwaya’s poise and intensity are impressive for someone his age. He rebounds very well at his position (5.3rbds) and is agressive driving to the basket, hitting his FT when fouled (8/8). Like Caicedo, his 3pt shot is a real problem as Malwaya only shot 1/7 from outside, his main area of improvement for the very young guard to make the jump to the pro level.

Zacharie Risacher 6-8 SF 2005 ASVEL
Stats :12pts 4rbds 67% 3pt

Maybe the most interesting prospect of the tournament, the 2005-born forward already has the size and shooting to be an even better player than his silver-medalist-Olympian father. Despite his still-skinny frame, Risacher is solid rebounding the ball. If he can add more versatility, like driving more to the basket, he will be a potential first rounder once his class becomes eligible.

Kymani Houinsou 6-5 PG 2004 ASVEL
Stats : 11.7pts 6.3rbds 3.3as

An impressive athlete at his spot, Houinsou has some real holes in his game such as his shot (14% 3pt, 46% FT) and his bad 1 a/to ratio. He’s more an athlete than a pure PG right now and needs to learn the nuances of the game to be efficient at the pro level.

Nikola Djurisic 6-8 SG/SF 2004 Mega Belgrade
Stats :13.7pts 8.7rbds 6as

Another impressive athlete with great versatility, Djurisic is such a talented player that he could end up an NBA player or a bust. His main room of improvement is his shot as his 18% 3pt are way too low compared to his 86% FT on five attempts per game. Has the potential to be a swiiss knife on defense.

Nikola Jovic 2003 6-10 PF/SF Mega Belgrade
Stats : 18.7pts 9rbds 6.7as

Another do-it-all forward for Mega Belgrade, Jovic is more a stretch four than a SF. Like Djurisic, his shot is his main weakness as he also averages under 20% from three and a poor 52% from the foul line. Yet, his fluidity, handles and passing creativity are rare for a 6-10 youngster like him. He needs to focus on being more seld-demanding and bring more toughness on defense but the tools are here.

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