By Hocine LOUKKAF on 5/8/2021

Despite his so-so tournament, Cunningham remains at number one. It will be a tough draft for the teams which select between 5 and 15 due to the gap of talent between the top 4 and the rest of the lottery prospects.

#1   Cade Cunningham 6-8 PG Fr Oklahoma State
Stats : 20.1pts 6.2rbds 3.5as

Cunningham was a bit exposed  in the tournament with bad shooting percentages and few assists. Yet, his size and feel for the game still makes him the top prospect in this draft, above all is Houston is lucky enough to get the number one pick.

#2   Evan Mobley 7-0 PF/C Fr USC
Stats : 16.4pts 8.7rbds 2.9bl

Arguably one of the top three talents of the draft, Mobley had a good tournament despite being targeted by the opponents’ defense. He will be impactful right away for a team needing a two-way inside player.

#3  Jalen Suggs 6-4 PG/SG Fr Gonzaga
Stats : 14.4pts 5.3rbds 4.5as 1.9s

After his buzzer beater against UCLA, Suggs couldn’t prevent his team’s loss despite scoring 22pts. Minnesota would be thrilled to add the local kid if they can keep their pick in the top three.

#4  Jalen Green 6-5 SG G-League Ignite
Stats : 17.9pts 4.1rbds 2.8as 36% 3pt

Green has superstar potential and proved he was more than a dunker as he displayed an improved shot. He could help right away a team like Orlando.

#5  Jonathan Kuminga 6-8 SF G-League Ignite
Stats : 15.8pts 7.2rbds 2.7ast

Kuminga is far from a finished product and could turn into a bust, but his size and athleticism could be enough to convince a team to pick him at five.

#6  Jalen Johnson 6-9 SF Fr Duke
Stats : 11.2pts 6.1rbds 2.2as 1.2bl 44% 3p

Johnson seems the player with the most upside and the fewer holes in his game outside the top five. His interviews will be crucial for a team to take a gamble on him.

#7 Alperen Sengun, 6-9 PF/C born in 2002 Besiktas TRK
Stats : 19.2pts 9.4rbds 2.5as 1.7bl

He may look more like a soon-to-retire center than an 18 years old but Sengun can play. Dominating the paint in the Turkish league, Sengun combines deceptive athleticism with vet moves in the  low post and potential as a shooter.

#8 Josh Giddey, 6-8 2002 born Adelaide AUS
Stats : 10.7pts 6.6rbs 6.4as

With two triple-doubles over his last two games, Giddey is getting more and more used to the pro game despite his inconsistent shooting. He’s rising in the mocks and could even hear his name in the top 10.

#9  Davion Mitchell, 6-3 PG Jr Baylor
Stats : 14pts 5.4as  2st 44.8%

Mitchell had a successful tournament which ended up with the title. He’s a rugged defender, good shooter with a high-motor, enough strengths to hear his name in the late lottery.

#10  Moses Moody, 6-5 SG Fr Arkansas
Stats : 17.4pts 5.9rbds 37.9% 3

When he’s not hitting his shots, Moody struggles. That’s what happened in the tournament as his lack of versatility on offense was exposed. He still has ideal size at his position and potential as a knock down shooter.

#11 Usman Garuba 6-8 PF 2002 born Real Madrid SPA
2.5pts 3.3rbds (Euroleague) 4.5pts 4.8rbds (Spain)

With seven double-digit scoring games since the last mock (only one before this season), Garuba has been more and more confident on offense. He even had an offensive coming-out party with 24pts (and 12rbds) against Fenerbahce in Euroleague.

#12 Scottie Barnes 6-8 PF/SF Fr Florida State
Stats : 10.3pts 4rbds 4.1as     

As high as his motor is, Barnes is a risky pick. He could play the facilitator as a combo forward but his lack of shooting and even scoring (6pts per game in the tournament) definitely limits his potential.

#13  Franz Wagner, 6-9 SF Michigan GER
Stats : 12.8pts 6.2rbds 2.9as 39% 3pt

Another disappointing player on offense during the tournament, Wagner is a bit saved by the fact that he can create for his teammates and has rebounded well against three solid teams (UCLA, FSU and LSU).

#14  Corey Kispert 6-7 SF Sr Gonzaga
Stats : 19.2pts 4.9rbds 44.4%

Kispert may not have the upside other prospects have but we know what he can do. He had a decent tournament that hasn’t affected his draft stock much and his shooting will draw interest from teams in the teens.

#15 Roko Prkacin 6-9 PF 2002 born Cibona Zagreb CRO
Stats : 13.2pts 6.8rbds 39.7% 3pt (Adriatic League)

Prkacin may lack one elite strength but is more advanced than most draft prospects. With good size at his position, high IQ, intriguing skills and a developing jumper, a team would be lucky to draft him outside the lottery.

#16  Isaiah Jackson, 6-9 PF/SF Fr Kentucky
Stats : 8.4pts 6.6rbds 2.6as

Jackson is just scratching the surface of the player he can become. A versatile defender and good rebounder, he could be a much better offensive player with the good developing program.

#17 James Bouknight, 6-5 SG So Connecticut
Stats : 19pts 5.7rbds

With three games under 40% and with 15pts or less during these games, Bouknight didn’t have the ideal stats to end his sophomore year, let alone a college career. Yet, his size, athleticism and scoring potential make him an interesting gamble.

#18  Keon Johnson, 6-5 SG Fr Tennessee
Stats : 11.2pts 3.4rbds 2.5as

Johnson is as impressive physically and athletically as he’s raw in term of shooting. His good performances late in the season and defensive potential could convince a team to pick him in the teens.

#19  Cameron Thomas, 6-4 SG Fr, LSU
Stats : 23pts

Thomas is a bit unidimensional at the SG spot. As the focus point of his team’s offense, he also had to take many shots, which hurt his shooting percentages. Yet, he’s one of the best scorers in college basketball and has unlimited range, a ,

#20  Ziaire Williams 6-7 SF/SG Fr Stanford
Stats : 11.1pts 5.6rbds 2.2as

With only two 10+pt-games over his last seven games, including two 2pt-game, Williams seems like a risky pick even at 20. He has been so inconsistent that it’s hard to know what kind of player he will be in 2/3 years. His upside will definitely make a team pick him in the first round.

#21 Sharife Cooper, 5-11 PG Fr Auburn
Stats : 20.2pts 8.1as        

Probably the best pure point guard of this draft, Cooper’s elite bball IQ is hindered by two things, his size and his shooting. As his size can not be modified, Cooper will need to prove opponents they can’t let him open to shoot to be fully efficient in the league.

#22 Kai Jones, 6-10 PF So Texas
Stats : 8.4pts 4.8rbds 42% 3pt

Jones has risen in a lot of mocks due to his combination of size, athleticism and intriguing shooting skills. Yet, I’m not sure that he will ever reach the expectations. He seems a better gamble in the 20s than as a lottery pick due to his lack of consistency.

#23  Jared Butler 6-2 PG Jr Baylor
Stats : 16pts 5.8as 45.7% 3pt           

The Final Four MOP could be an elite microwave from the bench for a contender or potentially be a starter alongside a star SG down the road. His shooting and winning attitude could make him a steal in the 20s.

#24  Johnny Juzang, 6-7 SG/SF So UCLA
Stats : 16pts 4.1rbds

After an epic tournament in which his shooting led UCLA from the First Four to the Final Four, recording four 20+pt-game in the process, including 29pts against Gonzaga, Juzang is now quite sure to hear his name in the first round.

#25 Jaden Springer, 6-4 S Fr Tennessee
Stats : 12.4pts 2.9as 54% 3p

Springer is pretty advanced offensively for a freshman but lacks elite size and one elite strength. Developing his shooting (small sample this year) would be necessary to turn him into a potential starter in the league.

#26 Greg Brown 6-8 SF Fr Texas
Stats : 9.6pts 6.4rbds

Brown had shown very interesting things earlier in the season. Unfortunately, he ended the season with 9pts in 49min over the last four games. His potential as a 3 and D could be enough to hear his name in the first round.

#27  Ayo Dosunmu, 6-5 SG Jr Illinois
Stats : 20.7pts 6.3bds 5.3as 38% 3pt

A versatile guard, Dosunmu could be a solid player to bring off the bench. His lack of athleticism may prevent him from being a starter at the SG spot.

#28  Juhann Begarin, 6-5 SG 2002 Paris Basket FRA
Stats : 11.1pts 4rbds 2.6as

Playing in French pro B (2nd division for his second year), Begarin has struggled lately with three games under 9pts and 35% FG over the last four. His elite physical tools would still make him a steal in the late first.

#29 Miles McBride, 6-2 PG So West Virginia
Stats : 15.8pts 4.9as 1.9st 41% 3pt

McBride has really stepped up between his freshman and sophomore year, averaging 41% from three and a nice 3 a/to ratio. He may lack some athleticism and still has to work on his inconsistency from outside but has the tools to potentially develop as a starter one day in the league.

#30  Isaiah Todd 6-9 PF G-League Ignite
Stats : 12.3pts 4.9rbds  36% 3pt

Todd proved he was less raw than expected and could develop as a stretch four thanks to his nice outside jumper. In the late first, he doesn’t seem that big of a reach.