Birthday : 1/5/2004
Size : 7-5 220
Position : PF/C
Hometown : Nanterre, France
Team : Metropolitans 92

NBA comparison : Mix of KD on offense/Gobert on defense

Physical and athletic freak at 7-3 with a 8-0 wingspan. Moves incredibly well for someone his size and his age. Great feel for the game, can handle the ball and loves to make the fancy pass or assist. Has a passion for the game he shows everytime he plays, loves to do the show without ever forgetting being efficient. Great target in the paint for his teammates, can finish at the rim or with an array of fadeaways against stronger defenders. Potential to be a great shooter from every spot on the court and already shoots 30+% from three against pros . Fantastic rim protector due to his length but also his timing, always looks at a way to protect the rim and great feel as a weak side defender. Already efficient at age 17 against pros in the solid French Jeep Elite and plenty of room to be the best prospect ever out this championship. Very smart and mature kid with good people and family around him. Maybe a top 5 prospect over the last 30 years.

Advanced in every part of his game, may only lack strength. Has already gained muscle over the last years and is only 17 so will keep filling his frame over the years to come. Needs to stay focused, refine his skills, become great at what he’s good or decent at right now  and could become a (the most?) dominant player in the league.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 5/26/2021

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