Birthday : 6/11/2001
Size : 6-0 170
Position : PG
Hometown : Powder Springs, GA
Team : Auburn, FR

NBA comparison :

Your typical throwback type of PG who will be the motor of his team. Very crafty, can get at the rim at will and finish with both hands. Draws a lot of fouls, very good FT shooter. Very good creator able to pass efficiently with both hands, very good court vision. A leader who makes the good decision to help his team win.

Lacks size to be a top 5 pick in this draft. Good but not elite athlete. Will struggle more finishing at the rim and defending PGs in the NBA. Doesn’t put consistent effort on defense. Very streaky shooter from three despite his very good FT percentages, tends to lean back when he shoots.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 2/22/2021