Birthday : 12/26/2001
Size : 6-4 190
Position : SG
Hometown : Charlotte, North Carolina
Team : Tennessee, FR

NBA comparison : taller/less athletic Jerryd Bayless

Complete guard who can either drive, shoot or create for his teammates. Good size and athleticism at the guard spot. Pretty poised player, seems to look for the simpliest plays rather than the spectacular ones. Solid attacking the basket, can absorb the contact and finish at the rim. Also good in the mid range, knows how to find his spots to shoot.

Good at everything but doesn’t have an elite strength. Not especially long or athletic for a potential NBA player, good shooter but on limited sample and doesn’t have a pure stroke. Good passer but a/to below 1.5. Inconsistent even if it’s quite normal for a freshman, several games under 30% FG. Seems like he is nearing his ceiling and has less room to improve than some other freshman prospects.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 3/10/2021