By Hocine LOUKKAF on 5/17/2021

With some delay, here is our rookie report for April. Anthony Edwards has given the Wolves real hopes for the years to come with four wins to close the month, a strong contender against Ball for ROTY.

Anthony Edwards, 6-5 SG Minnesota
Stats : 21.6pts 5.1rbds 3.3as in April (18.9pts 4.8rbds 2.9as)

With at least 12pts in each game and several wins against playoff-bound teams, Edwards is confirming that he’s a legit ROTY candidate. The offensive efficiency is still fragile with seven games under 40% FG but for the second month in a row, he reaches both 40% FG/30% 3pt.

Tyrese Haliburton, 6-5 PG Sacramento
Stats : 12.3pts 6.4as 1.7to in April (13pts 5.3as 40.9% 3pt)

Haliburton started April slowly with six single-digit games over the first ten games (eight-losses streak for the Kings) before finishing with 18pts per game over the last five games, including wins against Dallas or the Lakers. He also displayed once more his IQ with an almost 4 a/to ratio.

Facundo Campazzo, 5-10 PG Denver
Stats : 7.9pts 4.6as 1.3to 42.4% 3pt in April (6.1pts 3.5rbds 1.1to)

The old Argentinian rookie took time adjusting to the league but with Murray’s injury, he has been given more responsability. Campazzo reached both 40% FG and 90% FT while averaging a 3.5a/to ratio for the month as the Nuggets lost only three games.

Immanuel Quickley, 6-3 PG/SG New York
Stats : 9.3pts 44.6%

Quickley may not have been the most consistent (seven games under 35% FG) but he’s been a real contributor for a playoff-bound team that lost only four games in April. Moreover, he had his best games against Atlanta (20pts 4as 1to 4/6 3pt), NY’s potential opponent in the first round.

Xavier Tillman, 6-8 PF/C Memphis
Stats : 8.3pts 5.1rbds 62.9% FG in April (6.6pts 4.4rbds)

Tillman has been steadily improving as he’s averaged above 60% FG and 40% 3pt (albeit on small sample) and even had a breakout game against Denver with 18pts 14rbds on 7/12 FG, including 2/3 from three. If he can be more consistent from three with more attempts, that would definitely give him more opportunities as a stretch big.

Desmond Bane, 6-5 SG Memphis
Stats : 8.2ts 3.2bds 2.3as 0.5to 42% 3pt in April (9.3ts 3.1bds 43.7 3pt)

Like his teammate Tilman, Bane is doing he job for a team with a positive record. He still has to work on his consistency as he had seven games under 35% FG but akes up for i with passing and an impessive 4+a/o ratio.

Isaiah Stewart, 6-9 C Detroit
Stats : 10.8pts 9.4rbds 1.7bl in April (7.9pts 6.7rbds 1.3bl)

Despite the Piston’s struggles this year, Stewart looks like a promising piece to protect the rim. The young rookie displayed a knack for rebound with seven double-digit rebound games including 15pts 21rbds against OKC.

Jae’sean Tate, 6-4 SF Houston
Stats : 12.9pts 5.3rbds 3.8as 1.8st in April (11.3pts 5.3rbds 2.5as)

The old rookie has kept bringing his toughness for a struggling Rockets team. His ability to improve his outside shooting (28% for the month) could help him add a new dimension to his game.

Saddiq Bey, 6-8 SF Detroit
Stats : 13.7pts 4.7rbds in April (12.2pts 4.5rbds 38% 3pt)

Bey has decent stats for the month but his efficiency has not been great with 41% FG and 36% from three, albeit on an impressive 7attpts per game. He’s also been too unidimensional with a mediocre 1.1as in 29min.

Cole Anthony, 6-2 PG/SG Orlando
Stats : 14.1pts 5.3as 4.8rbds in April (12.9pts 4.7rbds 4.1as)

For his first appearance in our ranking, Anthony is a bit penalized because of his team’s results with only two wins for eleven losses, including seven by 15pts or more. Yet, Anthony had another 40+% FG for the second month in arow, despite shooting only 30% 3pt, while averaging a 3a/to ratio for the month.

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