Birthday : 9/20/1999
Size : 6-10 240
Position : C
Hometown : St Paul, Minnesota
Team : Minnesota

NBA comparison : less versatile Horford

Mobile big man who has doubled his scoring and shot-blocking numbers playing ten more minutes than last year. Pretty athletic and strong. Does a great work contesting his opponents’ shots thanks to his 7-3 wingspan. Very good rebounder, multiple 15+rbd games. The most consistent big man prospect on offense in on of the toughest conference. 60+% fg and rarely scores less than 15pts. Good at establishing his position in the low post and faking to finish with his right hand. Can either roll or pop after the pick. Developing mid range shot which extends to the 3pt line, good FT shooter at almost 70%. A safe pick and room to develop as a stretch five.

Not the longest or more athletic five you will find. Has to gain strength to be as dominant as he is in college against NBA competition. Still too turnover prone. Shot is developing but 33% in college doesn’t guarantee success in the NBA as a shooter. Rarely uses his left hand around the rim.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 1/22/2020

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