By Hocine LOUKKAF on 8/5/2021

Don’t be scared undrafted people and look how Duncan Robinson turned his “undraftedness” into a 5-year $90m contract. Here is my list of the best ten undrafted players.

Joel Ayayi, 6-5 SG Gonzaga
Stats : 12pts 6.9rbds 2.7as
SL team : LA Lakers

Ayayi could have been drafted in the late first and nobody would have been shocked.  The 21 year-old Frenchman is a do-it-all guard who is one of the best rebounders at his position while shooting 39% from three. He doesn’t need the ball much, can play the point and will do what it takes to make his team win.

Aaron Henry, 6-6 SF/SG, Michigan State
Stats : 15.4pts 5.6rbds 3.6as 1.3bl 1.3st
SL team : Philadelphia Sixers

Because Henry didn’t become the prospect some tought he was going to be, his stock slipped. But check the stats, the versatility both on offense and defense and be sure that the Sixers got a steal there. If only the Spartan could become a consistent shooter, he could have the chance to crack into the rotation.

Matthew Hurt, 6-9, SF/PF, Duke
Stats : 18.3pts 6.2rbds 44% 3pt
SL team : Houston Rockets

His stats speak for themselves, Hurt can play and can shoot. Maybe the fact that he’s a bit soft at PF and the bad year Duke had make him fall but at 44% on more than five attempts from three, Hurt is a sure thing. Houston adds another young talent who could be a great fit alongside Theis, Garuba and Sengun.

EJ Onu, 6-11 PF/C, Shawnee State, NAIA
Stats : 16.9pts 8rbds 4.6bl 40% 3pt
SL team : Dallas Mavericks

Onu looks like a real sleeper as he’s been undrafted because of the level of play of the NAIA. Yet, his size, 7-8 wingspan, deceptive athleticism and outside shooting at his position make him an intriguing recruit. He will need to adapt to the NBA but Dallas is a place where he could be given his chance.

Yves Pons, 6-6, SF/PF, Tennessee
Stats : 8.7pts 5.3rbds 1.8bl
SL team : Memphis Grizzlies

The Volunteer stays local to bring his incredible athleticism. After four years in college, he’s still raw offensively and has struggled being a consistent shooter. Yet, he’s a versatile defender whose shot-blocking ability from the weakside could lead to a real career in the league.

Romeo Weems, 6-7 SF/PF, DePaul
Stats : 7.3pts 5.3rbds 1.5st
SL team : Memphis Grizzlies

After a solid freshman season where he displayed his versatilty and why he was a top 50 recruit in the country, Weems’ stats declined in every aspect of the game. A player I had in the first round leading into this year, he has a Swiss-knife profile and real talent despite his bad sophomore season. Up to him to make his dream come true and prove doubters wrong.

Daishen Nix, 6-5 PG, G-League Ignite
Stats : 8.9pts 5.3rbds 5.3as
SL team : Philadelphia Sixers

A former HS standout, Nix has shown good things in the G-League bubble. Yet, his lack of shooting and underwhelming athleticism may have scared scouts. He’s very young and will need to prove he has improved on these two aspects of his game.

Vrenz Bleijenbergh, 6-10 SF/PF, Antwerp BEL
Stats : 9.4pts 3.1rbds 2.4as 38% 3pt (Eurocup)
SL team : ——

The Belgian forward was expected to be drafted in the second round and was hoping to have a guaranteed contract. That didn’t happen and thus, because he’s still under contract in Belgium, he can’t sign a two-way deal. Bleijenbergh could use that motivation to improve  his body and get more interest as a free agent in the years to come.

Amar Sylla, 6-10 PF, Ostende BEL
Stats : 4.4pts 5.8rbds 1bl (BCL)
SL team : Orlando Magic

Another prospect playing in Belgium, Sylla was once projected as a lottery pick. He’s still struggled scoring efficiently and shooting from outside this last season but possesses great length and athleticism. If he can gain weight and improve his offense, he could have some opportunities in the league.

Aamir Simms, 6-9 PF, Clemson
Stats : 13.4pts 6.4rbds 2.7as 40% 3pt
SL team : NY Knicks

Simms may not be as hyped as some other prospects but is a versatile and athletic big man who had a solid season with Clemson. He also proved he could shoot and averaged 82% from the FT line.