By Hocine LOUKKAF on 4/19/2021

If there’s one month when you can rise or fall in the mocks, that’s definitely March (and April if you’re lucky). Let’s check the winners and losers of this particular Madness.


-Davion Mitchell, 6-2 PG Baylor
Tournament stats : 13.5pts 5.5as 1.7st in six games

The 23yo jr has gone from fringe first rounder to potential top ten pick. He’s been the soul of the college champion and has been solid the whole tournament, contributing even when he wasn’t hitting his shots (11as 0to vs Houston). He could be a defensive starting PG or come from the bench ut has the tools to be a solid NBA player.

-Johnny Juzang, 6-7 SF/SG UCLA
Tournament stats : 22.9pts (15/40 3pt) in six games

From the First Four to the Final Four, Juzang and UCLA had one of the most impressive run ever. Despite being the target of every defense, Juzang has been incredible hitting shot after shot and recording his best performances against two #1 seeds with 28pts on 11/19 against Michigan and 29pts on 11/18 against Gonzaga. He has the size to play SG/SF and will definitely find a team interesting in getting that kind of shooter.

-Chris Duarte, 6-6 SG Oregon
Tournament stats : 22pts 6.5as 2st in two games

A 40+% 3pt shooter during the season, Duarte has displayed nice versatility in his two tournament games with 13as for 3tos while shooting 17/28 from the floor (only 3/9 from three). Could hear his name in the late first.

-Jalen Suggs, 6-4 PG/SG Gonzaga
Tournament stats : 14.5pts 4.7as1.7st in six games

Already projected as a surefire top 5 pick, Sugs had the best run among top 5 prospects compared to Cunningham and Mobley. He didn’t record any historical performances but had 18pts 10rbds 8as against USC, 16pts 6as 2tos against UCLA and 22pts on 8/15 against Baylor. He will yet remain in the legend with his winning three pointer against UCLA.

-Jared Butler, 6-3 PG/SG Baylor
Tournament stats : 15.2pts 5as in six games

A bit overshadowed by his teammate Mitchell, Butler used the Final Four to improve his stock after a so-so tournament (three out of four games under 37% FG). He did it perfectly with 17pts on 6/9 FG against Houston and an even better 22pts 7as 0to against Gonzaga, recording 8/14 from three over the two games. Like Mitchell, Butler might end up a starter or a very good option from the bench in the NBA.


-Evan Mobley, 7-0 PF/C USC
Tournament stats : 13.5pts 9.3rbds 2bl in four games

Targeted by the defense of the solid opponents he had to face, Mobley may not have been dominant but he was solid and displayed his great IQ. Indeed, he recorded 16as for only 5tos, showing he could be not only scorer but a glue guy for his team. He will be a top 5 pick for sure and could contribute right away in th

-Corey Kispert, 6-7 SF Gonzaga
Tournament stats : 16pts (19/46 3pt) in six games

While he didn’t shoot particularly well over the last tournament games (30% or under from three over the last three games), Kipsert was consistent, scoring at least 12 in each game while having only one game with more than one turonver over the whole tournament. Him being a lottery pick would maybe be a reach but at least you know what you get with him.

-Franz Wagner, 6-9 SF Michigan
Tournament stats : 10.5pts 8.5rbds 3.8as in four games

Like Kispert, Wagner contributes in other ways as he was cold from outside (2/16). He had at least 7rbds in each game and had two games with 5+as. He could have fallen into the “losers” section had he not display this versatility.


-Cade Cunningham, 6-8 PG/SG Oklahoma
Tournament stats : 19.5pts 2as 26% FG in two games

For a so-called surefire first pick, Cunningham struggled a lot. Taking a majority of his shots from three in both games, the Texas prospect seemed to lack the footspeed or handling to get rid of his defenders. He struggled as much creating for his teammates (4as for 5tos in two games)as he did shooting both from outside (6/19) and even worse inside the 3pt line (3/15). Moreover, it was against top-notch competition despite the solid tournament Oregon State had. He remains he most intriguing prospect but NBA teams will definitely think twice before picking him number one.

-Scottie Barnes, 6-8 PF/SF Florida State
Tournament stats : 6pts 3as 2rbds 3.7tos in three games

We often talk about how the FSU system doesn’t inflate stats for its players. Yet, Barnes’ limitations seem obvious, maybe too obvious to have him as a potential 6th or 7th pick. 9as for 11tos, two rebounds combined over his last two games in 47min, no 3PT made, only two FT attempts in three tournament games, these are very bad stats for someone expected in the top 10. he has an ideal physical profile but an NBA team takes a risk if it drafts him that high.

-Moses Moody, 6-6 SG Arkansas
Tournament stats : 13pts (3/17 3pt) 4.5rbds in four games

A bit like Wagner, Moody has not shot well despite drawing a lot of fouls (3/17 from three in four games but 13/15 FT in the last two games). Like Wagner, Moody is also a solid rebounder with 5+rbds over the last three games but he can’t create game at all for his teammates, recording 2as for 7tos despite playing at least 33min in each game. If he wasn’t projected in the top 10, that would be less worrying but you expect more from your potential starting SG.

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