Birthday : 6/4/1999
Size : 6-4 200
Position : SG
Hometown : Garland, Texas
Team : Texas Tech
Stats : 11.3pts 5rbds 1.8as 1blk 1stl

NBA comparison : Avery Bradley (stronger version)

Strong and athletic guard who defends hard (1blk and 1stl in 28min). Very mature for a freshman, knows what he has to do, two-way player. Good % from everywhere on the floor (55% FG and 45% 3pt). Shows the ability to be a good passer. Strong rebonder with 5 per game. Good 3pt % but with only 18 made. Still has room to improve in every field. Has been a first round prospect because of his play in the Tournament but needs to work on being consistent.

Hocine LOUKKAF 4/08/2018

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