By Hocine LOUKKAF on 1/27/2023

Like every year, several Euroleague junior tournaments will determine which team will take part in the Final Four tournament. Here are the five best propects of the first ANGT in Munich, Germany.

Hugo Gonzalez, 6-6 SG/SF, 2006, Real Madrid (Spain)
Stats : 19.2pts 61% 3pt 1.5bl

One of the best scorers for Spain in the last FIBA U17 WC, the MVP of the event Gonzalez was even more impressive last week as his shot went in, with 11/18 3pt. Gonzalez is a pure finisher, with a negative a/to ratio, but he’s a manchild at this level with 16/27 2pt and 1.5bl per game. He has a high motor and has already played minutes in Spanish Liga ACB. The NBA potential is obvious a swingman if he can find a role in ACB or LEB Gold next year.

Alexandros Samontourov, 6-11 PF, 2005, Panathinaikos (Greece)
Stats : 22.2pts 7rbds 3as 2.8st 1.5bl

Maybe a better long term prospect than Gonzalez, Samontourov is a versatile PF with surprising mobility and skills for his size. He can handle the ball, create for his teammates and also shoot, even if he was cold as ice in Munich (1/14 3PT). He still needs to be more agressive in the paint and gain weight but the 2024 NBA Draft is definitely a reachable goal for him. (2’15 to 3’18 in the video).

Egor Demin, 6-8 SF/SG, 2006, Real Madrid (Spain), Russia
Stats : 13.2pts 4.8as 4.2rbds 1.5st

Another versatile player, Demin was impressive creating for his teammates at 6-8 dishing at least 5as in each game. Shooting consistency is a work in progress as he was hot in the game against Berlin (7/9 3pt) but shot only 2/8 3pt over the three other games and 41% 2pt during the competition. Will need to gain weight and work on his athleticism to make the transition to the pro level but definitely the talent to dream bigger than Europe.

Jack Kayil, 6-3 PG, 2006, Alba Berlin (Germany)
Stats : 18.5pts 4.8rbds 3.5as 3.8st 53% 3pt

One of the breakout stars of the event, Kayil is a do-it-all PG who is as good driving to the basket as he is shooting from outside. He’s already got good size and still has room to develop physically as a 2006-born player. He had at least 17 rating in each of his games and when he was not hot on offense, he contributed in other stat columns (8st vs Milano, 5as 0to vs Real Madrid). Could help the pro team within 2 years (first minute of the video).

Pacôme Dadiet, 6-8 SG/PG, 2005, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany), France
Stats : 12pts 2rbds

Forbidden to play since last summer due to a contract dispute between his former team Paris Basket and new team Ulm, Dadiet has used the game against Madrid to prove he was still someone to follow. With 21pts on 2/4 3pt and several finishes where he overmatched his opponents, the French swingman has displayed his knack for scoring and great skills at his size. Unfortunately, he twisted his ankle in the second game and couldn’t play the rest of the competition. Like his agency-mate Killian Hayes, will probably use Ulm as the path to the 2024 NBA Draft.

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