By Hocine LOUKKAF on 2/2/2022

Mobley may not be the flashiest but he’s a steady contributor for a playoff-contending team, that’s why he’s back at one once again.

Evan Mobley
Stats in January : 15.7pts 8rbds 2.7as 1.5bl

Despite a bad game to end January (4pts on 1/7 FG), Mobley has been impressive with at least 11pts in each of his games and only  five games below 50% FG. Yet, he still has room to improve with a surprisingly bad 53% FT and only three 3pts made in fifteen games.

Cade Cunningham
Stats : 17.3pts 5.6as 4.2rbds 36.5% 3pt

Cunningham is still far to be as consistent as Mobley with three games with only one rebound and four games with 30% or less from the field but at least he starts to cut down on his turonvers and had decent, albeit still improvable scoring percentages (42% FG, 36% 3pt). His 34pts 8rbds 8as 4bl 2st on 6/9 3pt statline against Denver is a flash of the player he could become.

Franz Wagner
Stats : 15.6pts 4.5rbds 3.5as

While his overalll percentage has improved, Wagner’s 3pt percentage and attempt numbers have slipped. Wagner still is the same versatile player with several 4+as games. being consistent from three will be the key to approach to reach the 20pt/game mark.

Scottie Barnes
Stats : 12.6pts 6.5rbds 3.5as

Almost the same stats in January as Wagner but with even less success from the field (42% FG, 24% 3pt), Barnes has really struggled as he had six games under 36% from the field. The major positive poin is that the Raptors have gone 8-5, rackinkg wins against Milwaukee, Utah, Washington or Miami with Barnes playing 36min per game.

Josh Giddey
Stats : 13.3pts 8.6rbds 6.1as

Giddey statline is impressive. Second month with averages of at least 11pts 7rbds 6as, an (slowly) improving 3pt shot and the youngest triple-double in NBA history. Now, even if he’s not the only responsible, OKC is not winning and 28% from 3 is clearly not enough.  Turnovers is another thing he needs to cut down as he had nine ouy of fourteen games with 3tos or more.

Ayo Dosunmu
Stats : 10pts 4.1rbds 3.9as

The 2nd rounder has stayed home and enjoys the situation as Dosunmu has taken advantage of Lavine’s absence to play 30+min in January. With an almost 3 a/to ratio, 44% from three and even two 10as games, Dosunmu has proved he was a steal and a major piece of the newly-rising Bulls.

Chris Duarte
Stats : 13.2pts 4.7rbds 2.4as

With the Pacers ready to trade their best vets (Turner, Sabonis, Levert), Duarte could become the leader of young Indiana roster. Duarte still needs to improve his onconsistent shooting with seven games under 38% FG. His versatility kind of save him but his offense will much needed if he’s supposed to take Levert’s seat.

Herbert Jones
Stats : 12.1ppts 4.1rbds 2.7as 2st

Jones has been one of the best 2nd rounders as he’s started most of the games as a defensive swiss-knife while being a solid contributor on offense. Like many rookies, his 3pt consistency will be a factor of his offensive efficiency as he recorded 3/18 over January’s last four games.

Day’ron Sharpe
Stats : 9.3pts 6.8rbds 0.8bl

Another 2nd round steal, Sharpe is your typical old school bruiser and has made the best of the minutes he got with almost 10pts and 7rbds per game in only 17min. Moreover, even if it’s on a small sample, he shot a shocking 91% FT, an important stats once the playoffs will start.

Jonathan Kuminga
Stats : 9pts 4rbds

As raw as he still is, Kuminga is already considered a steal and had a few opportunities to show why. With six games in double-digit including two 20+pt games, Kuminga’a strength and athleticism have been on full display. He already had a few impressive shooting night that could make us envision the kind of do-it-all forward he can become.

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