Birthday : 5/30/2003
Size : 6-6 200
Position : SG
Hometown : London, Canada
Team : Kentucky

NBA comparison : Bradley Beal

Went from almost unknown to #1 rated senior after last summer. Strong and athletic SG. Wide shoulders, long arms, very bouncy attacking the rim. Able to handle the ball and nice shooting mechanics. Plays with a high motor. Shows flashes of nice passing ability. Very good off the ball, above all playing the baseline.

Lacks experience despite training with Kentucky for a few months, has only been tested at the HS level and will thus have to adapt straight to the NBA level. Very good but not elite athleticism, lacks a bit of explosivity on his first step to blow by his defender. Can get into tunnel vision on offense and force the issue. Tends to take hard shots from outside on the move.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 3/30/2022

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