By Hocine LOUKKAF on 3/2/2021

Loaded with size and talent, the 2022 draft class will for sure provide a good bunch of starters and maybe future All-Stars to the league. For now, Holmgren seems the big prize of the pack.

#1 Chet Holmgren, 7-0 PF, HS
NBA comparison : more skilled Porzingis/Poor man’s Durant

An incredible talent for someone  his size, Holmgren looks like a guard stuck in a PF’s body. If it wasn’t for his lack of bulk, he would be a generational prospect due to his  versatility and motor.

#2 Jaden Hardy,  6-5 SG, HS
NBA comparison : Devin Booker/Tyreke Evans

Your prototypical SG, Hardy has all it takes to be an elite player, size, athleticism and above all a picture-perfect shooting release. His ability to be an elite scorer in the NBA could cement his top 3 position.

#3 Damion Collins, 6-10 PF/C, HS
NBA comparison : Anthony Davis

Another physical freak, Collins combines elite length and athleticism. His shooting touch is another strength you like to see in such a big man. Could help UK bounce back from their terrible year.

#4 Paolo Banchero, 6-9 PF, HS
NBA comparison : modern Paul Millsap

Another versatile big, Banchero combine surprising handles with nice size and athleticism. He’s also got a high motor that he uses to dominate his opponents.

#5 Adrian Griffin, 6-7 SF/PF, HS
NBA comparison : Kawhi lite

A physical freak on the wing, Griffin has all the tools to be a Kawhi-type of player, able to play both forward spots and maybe defend 1-4. Doesn’t have an elite strength on offense but a nice jack of all trades.

#6 Yannick Nzosa, 6-11 PF/C, 2003 Malaga (Spain)
NBA comparison : more skilled Capela

The first international prospect of our list, Nzosa is already getting minutes in the Spanish league and the Eurocup for powerhouse Malaga. A mobile big who is very efficient around the rim, he’s a shot and some pounds away from being a top 5 contender

#7 Kennedy Chandler, 6-1 PG, HS
NBA comparison : Darius Garland

Chandler’s speed, shooting and passing make him the best pure PG of his class. If he was a little taller, we would talk about a potential top 5 pick.

#8 Patrick Baldwin, 6-9 SF/PF, HS
NBA comparison : Jayson Tatum

A big wing who could play some small ball PF, Baldwin is a very talented and complete player who may just lack some athleticism to be a surefire top three pick.

#9 Hunter Sallis, 6-4 PG/SG, HS
NBA comparison : Markelle Fultz

A potential combo guard at the pro level, Sallis has a good combination of physical tools and talent. He’s also a nice shooter from outside, which may help him solidy his top 10 spot.

#10 Jabari Smith, 6-9 SF/PF, HS
NBA comparison : Rashard Lewis

Another solid combo forward, Smith reminds me of a young Rashard Lewis, as his sweet touch from outside could help him have a long career in the league.

#11 Caleb Houstan, 6-8 SF, HS
NBA comparison : Mike Miller

The Canadian SF is your traditional shooting wing. He may not have a high ceiling but is a versatile wing who can handle the ball and create for his teammates.

#12 Ousmane Dieng, 6-8 PG/SG/SF, 2003, CFBB France
NBA comparison : Steve Smith

One of the players with the biggest upside, Dieng will have to pick the good pro team if he decides to stay in France. At 6-8, he’s a versatile wing but has a lot of work to do, mainly strength-wise, to be a solid player.

#13 JD Davison, 6-2 SG/PG, HS
NBA comparison : Dennis Smith

An elite athlete, Davison needs to prove at the college level than he can be more than that. Will need to learn to be whether a real PG or an above average shooter to find a spot in the NBA.

#14 Moussa Diabate, 6-10 PF, HS
NBA comparison : PJ Washington

Another Frenchman, Diabate has used the HS platform to become one of the best big men in the country. His size, motor and improved shooting make him a can’t miss prospect.

#15 Adem Bona, 6-10 C, HS
NBA comparison : Serge Ibaka

The Turkish bruiser has decided to come to the US to play for Prolific Prep. At 6-10 with raw strength adn athleticism, he could be a solid C if he improves his offensive skills.

#16 JT Thor, 6-10 PF/SF, Auburn Fr
NBA comparison : Jerami Grant

An athletic combo forward, Thor has the tools to fit the rare shotblocking/shooting breed of forward.

#17 DJ Steward, 6-4 SG/PG, Duke Fr
NBA comparison : Kirk Hinrich

With Banchero and Griffin coming next year, Steward could have the good supporting cast to display his passing and get more room to improve his shooting.

#18 Josh Giddey, 6-8 PG, 2002 Adelaide (NBL Australia)
NBA comparison : Tomas Satoransky

Still struggling against the pros of the NBL, Giddey’s size and vision are making up for his lack of athleticism. Consistency from outside could help him be more dangerous on offense.

#19 Azuolas Tubelis, 6-10 PF, Arizona Fr
NBA comparison : Domantas Sabonis

Not the most hyped prospect but Tubelis is having a great freshman year and has a lot of room to become dominant at the college level. A strong big man, he will hopefully use another year to develop a more consistent shot and better defender.

#20 Cam Thomas, 6-3 SG, LSU Fr
NBA comparison : Seth Curry

Thomas could use another year to work on being a better creator for his teammates and an even better shooter.

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