Birthday : 5/21/2003
Size : 6-10 205
Position : Pt F
Hometown : Bordeaux, France
Team : NZ Breakers (New Zealand, NBL)

NBA comparison : Boris Diaw

Oversized guard with PG skills, able to play four positions. Pretty athletic and has the body to gain weight. Good ball-handler, excels at creating his shot from mid-range. Doesn’t shy away from shooting threes. Good rebounder who can initiate the fastbreak, can rack steals and blocks thanks to his agility and length. Good IQ for someone that young and that big.

Is decent/good at everything but doesn’t have an elite strength. Could struggle handling the ball or driving to the basket against smaller but stronger opponents. Shooting needs a lot of refining as Dieng averaged a poor 27% from three last year on seven attempts per game. Was struggling in French 3rd division last year and will be tested against better competition in NBL this year.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 12/9/2021

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