Birthday : 11/18/2003
Size : 6-10 250
Position : C
Hometown : Sharon Hill, PA
Team : Memphis

NBA comparison : less athletic Dwight

Freak of nature at 6-10 250 with a 7-5 wingspan with that special Philly toughness. Very athletic for his size and uses his athleticism very well both on offense and defense. An elite rebounder and shot blocker due to his wingspan, footspeed and explosivity toward the rim. Can switch on smaller opponents and very smart staying in control and not jumping on fakes. On offense, finishes at the rim everytime he can, whether it’s on cuts, putbaks or alley oops. Has an improved mid range game that he displays from time to time. Not an elite shooter but may not be a liability from the FT line.

Despite his elite athleticism for his size, not the most fluid athlete or player. A bit raw naturally but has proved that he was a hard worker and wanted to be the best player possible. Needs to work on his low post moves, mostly finishing with dunk or short hooks for the moment. Should great benefit from the hiring of Rasheed Wallace in the coaching staff. Still a bit of a black hole on offense, needs to work on his IQ and involve more his teammates.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 11/22/2021

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