Birthday : 5/1/2002
Size : 7-0 190
Position : PF
Hometown : Minneapolis, Minnesota
Team : Gonzaga

NBA comparison : weaker Kevin Garnett

Long forward with 7-3 wingspan. Impressive athlete for his size, runs the court very well, good leaper, tries to dunk everytime he has a path to the basket. Very good ball handler, sees the court well and is willing to pass the ball. Also very good finisher with both hands. Good shooter with nice motion, very smooth whether in catch and shoot or off the dribble situations. High motor player who plays tough both on offense and defense, willing to protect the rim and try to get as many blocks as possible. Despite his rail-thin frame, not afraid to mix it up inside and play in the low post. Smart kid, plays within a team concept and does everything he can to win the game.

Despite all his strengths, has one major red-flag which is his very skinny frame. Doesn’t seem to have the body to add a lot of weight and lacks strength. May have to play a lot on the perimeter but may struggle to defend smaller/stronger forwards.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 5/25/2021

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