Birthday : 10/13/2001
Size : 6-4 200
Position : SG
Hometown : Chesapeake, VA
Team : LSU

NBA comparison : Poor man’s CJ McCollum

High volume scoring guard who has a very diverse skillset. Can shoot from outside, good in the mid range thanks to an efficient floater. Very good ball handler, can create for himself at will, doesn’t lose the ball much compared to the time he spends with the ball in his hands. Also good moving off the ball to create shooting opportunities.

A bit undersized at his position and lacks elite athleticism. Has been forced to take a lot of shots which led to poor efficiency, albeit he was only a freshman. A bit undimensional as he is a shoot first/shoot second (and maybe shoot third) player who has a bit of a tunnel vision when he has the ball.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 6/25/2021