Birthday : 1/8/2000
Size : 6-3 185
Position : PG
Hometown : Saint Paul, Minnesota
Team : Duke

NBA comparison : Tyus Jones

Cerebral PG who is just a natural leader. Willing to make his teammates better, perfect relay of the coach on the court. As good setting his teammates as he is looking for a way to disturb the opponent’s defense. Gives it all both on offense and defense. Pesky defender, one of the best on ball defender at his position.

Neither the best athlete nor the longer PG, has troubles finishing at the rim. Lacks offensive talent and may struggle against NBA competition. Besides being an average finisher, struggles shooting from outside even if he’s improved his 3pt % since last season (from 26% to 35%).

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 3/2/2020

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