Birthday : 9/1/2000
Size : 6-6 210
Position : SG/SF
Hometown : Louisville, Kentucky
Team : John Logan, JUCO

NBA comparison : more athletic Rodney Hood

Talented SG with very good physical tools. Reported 40inches vertical leap and nice overall athlete. Can either drive or shoot from outside. Capable passable who can create for his teammates. Very good rebounder, strong body. Was shooting 46% from three last year on almost four attempts per game.

Has not been tested at the college level, started pretty slow this year and was struggling from three as he averaged under 30% until recently. Needs to tighten his handles and show more assertiveness on defense. May have been disturbed by the hype around him, needs to improve his motor and prepare for the bigger stage.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 2/28/2020

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