Birthday : 7/27/2001
Size : 6-5 190
Position : PG
Hometown : Cholet, France
Team : Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)

NBA comparison : Goran Dragic

Combo guard who mainly plays the point. Great size at 6-5 with nice athleticism. Good ball handler with an array of moves to drop his defender or attack the rim. Creative passer, is searching for the open man. Very quick in the open court, draws a lot of fouls. Active in the passing lanes.

Shooting needs a lot of improvement. Streaky at best (31% from three) despite averaging 90% from the FT line. Turnover prone, still learning the PG position and a bit too easy at times. Must be more focused both on offense and defense.

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By Hocine LOUKKAF  on 12/24/2019