Birthday : 8/5/2001
Size : 6-5 220
Position : SG
Hometown : Atlanta, Georgia
Team : Georgia

NBA comparison : Victor Oladipo

Strong guard with impressive physical tools. Wide shoulders, impressive athleticism that he uses on offense and defense, collects a lot of steals and blocks. More than his body and vertical leap, his ability to shoot it from outside and create for himself make him a potential star. Can get red hot from three. Respectable passer who needs to lower his turnovers.

Still needs to figure out how he can be more efficient on offense. Low shooting %, can drive with no solution when he gets near the basket. A bit of a drive or shoot offensive player. Must keep a high level of intensity on defense and work on the consistency of his shot.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 12/3/2019

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