By Hocine LOUKKAF on 5/30/2018

This week, the NBA announced his all teams with Harden and Lebron unanimous First Team choices. Let’s take a look at the All NBA Teams I have for this 2017-18 season, with James Harden my MVP.

First Team

#1 James Harden, Rockets (30.4pts 8.8rbds 5.4as)

The scoring champ by more than 2pts, Harden led his Houton team to the best record of the League. His 8.8as are good for third even if his 4.4tos can be lowered down. Harden has even made an effort .to improve his defense. One of the best ISO player you will find

#2 Lebron James, Cavaliers (27.5pts 9.1rbds 8.6as)

Whether you lime hiim or not, James  still is this exceptional all around player. At 33, he shows no intention to slow down and will once again compete for the NBA title. An almost daily triple double who played all 82 games, King James has recorded his career best rebounds and assists averages.

#3 Anthony Davis, Pelicans (28.1pts 11.1rbds 2.6bl)

The best shot blocker and fifth best rebounder of the League, AD keeps improving and showing his versatility as a big man. Despite Cousins’ injury, he led the Pelicans to the playoffs and is slowly but surely extending his range.

#4 Kevin Durant, Warriors (26.4pts 6.8rbds 5.4as 1.7bl)

For 1.1%, KD misses the famous 50%FG 40%3pt 90%FT. The former Thunder has become an exceptional shooter with 41.9% from three with 6 attempts per game. He has also improved his defense with a carrer high 1.8bl.

#5 Joel Embiid, Sixers (22.9pts 11.1rbds 3.2as 1.8bl)

The 4th best shot blocker and 6th best rebounder, Embiid has proved Philly did the right choice by signing him to a $146.5m max contract. A real game changer, Embiid has become a very good passer and dominates in the 30min per game he spends on the court. Let’s hope injuries will leave him alone.

Second Team 

#6 Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks (26.9pts 10.0rbds 4.8as 1.4bl 1st)

The Greek Freak is still rising. Four more points per game compared to last season and a career best 10rbds average, Antetokounmpo already is one of the most impactful players in the League on offense and defense. If he can improve his 3pt %, he will be come unstoppable.

#7 Kyrie Irving, Celtics (24.4pts 5.1as)

Irving played just 60 games but when he was on the court, he was by far Boston’s best player. He flirted with the 50/40/90 club and was leading the Cs to a 46-21 record when he got injured.

#8 Stephen Curry, Warriors (26.4pts 6.1as 5.1rbds 1.5st)

As annoying as it is, the regular season is just a warm up for the 2 times MVP. He also flirted with the 50/40/90 and posted a terrific 1.55 points per shot per game. Curry is at the climax of his career in term of efficiency despite the injuries that made him miss 31 games.

#9 Damian Lillard, Blazers (26.9pts 6.6as)

Lillard kind of struggled with his efficiency, shooting a weak 43% FG and 36% from three. Yet, his 26.9pts and 6.6as, combined with the Blazers’ third seed in the Western Conference, justify the presence of the former Weber State alumni in this second team.

#10 Russell Westbrook, Thunder (25.4pts 10.3as 10.1rbds)

I know, he averaged another triple double for the season and the Thunder qualified for the playoffs. But I just can’t,  I can’t deal with his chucker style or his 4.8tos per game. As exceptional as he is, Westbrook could be so much more efficient but it seems like he will never get it.

Third Team 

#11 Ben Simmons, Sixers (15.8pts 8.2as 8.1rbds 1.7st)

After missing his first year due to injuries, Simmons displayed his versatility and health playing 81 games and probably racking Rookie of the Year title. An athletic 6-10 PG, Simmons has been dominant without hitting any three pointer the whole year. His athleticism is as efficient on offense as it is on defense, where Simmons length, footspeed and vertical leap allows him to defend multiple positions and help his teammates.

#12 Demar Derozan (23.0pts 5.2as 3.9rbds)

The leader of the Eastern Conference regular season champion, Derozan has improves some on his 3pt % and passing. Yet, he still is a non factor from three with 31%. This is really what he needs to work on to improve his overall efficiency and give him more opportunities to drive to the basket.

#13 Jimmy Butler (22.2pts 5.3rbds 4.9as 2st)

Even if he was not the only newcomer for the Wolves, Butler is the main reason why Minnesota reached the playoffs, once again displaying he’s one of the best two-way players in the League. He will now have to teach Wiggins and Towns, if they don’t move, to show the same dedication on defense.

#14 Paul George (21.9pts 5.7rbds 3.3as 2st)

Poor PG13!! He tried to be the offensive leader Durant was before he left, but with Westbrook and Anthony, he has worked on being more patient and wiser not to be depressed. George is still the same efficient defender and shot 40% from three. A free agent this summer, numerous teams will try to attract one of the top wing players in the League.

#15 LaMarcus Aldridge (23.0pts 8.5rbds 1.2bl)

Aldridge is the same efficient offensive player that he was when he was a Blazer. Yet, due mostly to Leonard’s injury, Aldridge was exposed as not being dominant enough to lead the Spurs higher in the Western Conference hierarchy. A very good player though who will need help if Leonard decides to move.

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