Birthday : 4/19/99
Size : 6-4 220
Position : SG
Hometown : Montreal, Quebec
Team : Arizona State

NBA comparison : Lance Stephenson

Physical guard built like a football player. Broad shoulders, solid athleticism. Gives 100% on the court. Can drive with both hands or shoot from outside. One of the best rebounding guards in the BCs. Solid presence on the passing lanes. Has the making of a potential high scoring player in the NBA. Can defend multiple positions.

A bit old for a freshman. Suspect shot selection, plays too wildly. No mid range game, tries to go to the rim or shoot from three. Has to work on being a better passer as he sports a negative a/to ratio for the moment. Lacks elite length or athleticism at the guard spot. Despite hard work, still a bit of a streaky shooter.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 11/26/2018

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