Birthday : 11/7/99
Size : 6-10 240
Position : PF
Hometown : Burlington, Canada
Team : Vanderbilt
Stats :

NBA comparison : Al Farouq Aminu

Versatile forward with good size and athleticism. Can lead the break, drive to the basket, good handling skills for a PF. Loves to pass to the cutting man from the low or high post. Decent shooter. Active on defense and rebounding. Not afraid to mix it up inside.
Jack of all trades, master of none. Average length with a 7ft wingspan, can create for others but too much turnover prone for the moment, outside shooting needs to be refined, not a natural scorer from three. Relies a lot on his size and athleticism inside rather than on his range of moves, which is pretty limited. Potential to be a much better defender. Is recovering from an ACL injury.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 8/25/2018

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