Birthday : 5/4/2000
Size : 6-5 220
Position : SG
Hometown : Seattle, Washington
Team : USC

NBA comparison : less talented James Harden/Justice Winslow

The last of a long lineage of Seattle-bred versatile guards (Brandon Roy, Jamal Crawford, Dejounte Murray, Doug Christie…). Combination of strength/athleticism and very good ball handling. Powerful upper body and good length allow him to finish at the rim against anybody and with both hands. Decent shooter who can create separation from the defender. Has the swagger to be a star in the league.

Doesn’t maximize his physical tools on defense, must show more assertiveness. Average rebounder. Inconsistent shooter. Needs to learn to be very good in every aspect where he’s just ok.  Can look for the spectacular move instead of the most efficient.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 11/19/2018

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