Birthday : 7/6/00
Size : 6-6 275
Position : PF/SF
Hometown : Spartanburg, South Carolina
Team : Duke

NBA comparison : more powerful Aaron Gordon

One of the most hyped HS player of the last decade. A physical freak, combines incredibly strong body with top notch athleticism. Able to lead the break in a blink of an eye and finish with NBA level dunks. Pretty good ball handler who can change direction without problem  in the open court. Very hard to defend near the basket due to his low base and intensity. Good hands around the rim, natural scorer.

What will be his position in the NBA? At 6-6 with a 6-10 wingspan, seems to lack size to be a full time PF. Not a consistent shooter and doesn’t have good enough handles to be a full time SF. A bit stuck between positions. His athleticism and the small ball en vogue may convince him to play the four but will he be able to finish consistenly in the paint against bigs? Played HS ball at a very low level where scoop shots and overpowering opponents were enough to score, but unfortunately hasn’t developed his overall game like he should have. Needs to work on his right hand as he always finish with his strong left hand, develop hooks and back to the basket moves.  Not disciplined enough on defense. Doesn’t show the will to stop his opponent.

By Hocine LOUKKAF on 6/10/2018

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