By Hocine LOUKKAF on 4/26/2018

After the rookies, we continue our awards pieces with the most improved players.

Most Improved Players

#1 Victor Oladipo, 6-5 SG, Indiana (23.1pts 5.2rbds 4.3as 2.3stls 0.8blk)

One of the best two-way players of the League, Oladipo has used the opportunity to be the leader for the Pacers to reach franchise player status. Except for his turnovers, Oladipo has better stats in every statistic category, from offensive stats like FG% (betteer in overall, 3pt and FT%) to defensive stats. He also has team success as the Pacers reach the playoffs w

#2 Jaylen Brown, 6-7 SF/SG, Boston (14.5pts 4.9rbds 1.6as)

A more classic freshman to sophomore jump in statistics, Brown has proved why Boston was so in love with him. Known to be a very hard worker, Brown has been a far better 3pt shooter with more attempts per min and a better percentage (1.7/4.4 in 30min) which creates lanes to the rim for the athletic beast he is. He still has to work on being a better passer and used his athletic tools to become one of the best defenders. Yet, his current playoffs performance is a preview of the

#3 Domantas Sabonis, 6-10 PF/C, Indiana (11.6pts 7.7rbds 2as)

Like his teammate Oladipo, Sabonis has benefited from a change of scenery to improve his stats and efficiency. With only four more minutes per game compared to last year, the Lithuanian has doubled his scoring and rebounding (5.9pts 3.6rbds to 11.6pts 7.7rbds) while his FG% has risen from 40% to 51%. Able to play at both inside spots, Sabonis will now try to add a consistent 3pt shot abd could be a long term option for the Pacers.

#4 Brandon Ingram, 6-9 SF, Lakers (16.1pts 5.3rbds 3.9as)

After a disappointing freshman season, Ingram has shown that he could be a future star player in the League. While improving his FG% from 40% to 47% and 3pt % from 29% to 39%, he has also added more versatility by almost doubling his assists with only five more minutes per game. More is expected from him on the defensive end as his 0.7blk and 0.8stl are low for someone with his physical tools. Now let’s wait to see if he will keep improving in LA or for another team.

#5 Terry Rozier, 6-3 PG, Boston (11.3pts 4.7rbds 2.9as)

After an inconsistent early season, Rozier has been very good in February and March, averaging more than 16pts per game over these two months with no game under 10pts. Benefiting then from Irving’s injury to get even more playing time, the grinding PG has allowed Boston to stay focused in the playoffs against Milwaukee with 16pts per game, but above all 6.6as for only 1.6to per game in the first round. Boston will depend strongly on what Rozier can bring during these playoffs.

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