Simmons and Mitchell are having a real battle since the beginning of the season but Simmons is finishing strong as the Sixers are securing their playoff spot. Let’s take a look at the ten best rookies during February.

Number 1 : Ben Simmons (6-10 230, PG, Philly) 16pts 7.7as 7.3rbds

With 4 games with at least 10as, at least 10pts and 5as in every game and an almost 3/1 a/to ratio for the whole month, Simmons has been really consistent. Moreover, he has helped Philly get a 8-3 record which brings them closer to a playoff spot.

Number 2 : Donovan Mitchell (6-4 210, SG, Utah) 21.4pts 3.8as

After a 40pts outburst to start February, Donovan Mitchell has hit a wall with 3 games under 10pts and above all, no game above 42% FG. Utah will need Mitchell to be better to clinch a playoff spot, yet the 6-4 guard still averaged 21.4pts and 3.8as for the month and is the clear runner up for Rookie of the year award.

Number 3 : Jarrett Allen (6-11 230, C, Brooklyn), 12.9pts 6.8rbds 1blk on 61% FG 

The Nets have never been the best drafting team in the League but Allen may be the steal of the 2017 draft. The young center had his first month above 10pts and with 60+% FG and 80+% FT. He averaged also 1blk and almost 7rbds in only 24min and will probably be the cornerstone of the rebuilding Brooklyn franchise.

Number 4 : Bogdan Bogdanovic (6-8 210, SF/SG, Sacramento) 13.3pts 4.7as 42% 3pt

With 13.3pts on 42% 3pt, 4.7 as and an almost 3 a/to ratio. Bogdanovic has been one of the only bright spots for the Kings. The Rookie game MVP isn’t enough now to win games (2-9 for the month) but The Serbian is showing versatility and the ability to be a glue guy for a young Sacramento team.

Number 5 : Jayson tatum ( 6-9 230, SF, Boston) 11.9pts 2.7rbds 

If he wasn’t playing for Boston (7-4 in February), Tatum would not be fifth in this month ranking. His 11.9pts on 42% FG are pretty average and his 2.7rbds are really low for someone his size and compared to his rebounding stats of the previous months. The Celtics need Tatum to show what he got of they want to get that important number one spot in the East.

Number 6 : Josh Jackson  (6-8 210, SF, Phoenix) 17.7pts 6.5rbds

The opinions about Jackson are mixed as the 4th pick of the 2017 draft has not been the most consistent and has some clear weaknesses, his subpar 3pt % and the fact that he’s a bit unidimensional with only 1.3as per game. Yet, he has been efficient in February with 17.7pts and 6.5rbds, even if he has not helped the tanking Suns wins many games (1-10).

Number 7 : John Collins  (6-9 220, PF, Atlanta) 8.6pts 7rbds 1.4blks 50% FG

The 19th pick of the last draft has been one of the most consistent rookies and has never disappointed. His 7rbds and 1.4blks in 24min are a glimpse of the inside force he can become in the years to come but that could prevent the Hawks from getting the high pick they’re waiting for.

Number 8 : Kyle Kuzma 11.5pts 5.8rbds 39% FG/Number 9 : Lauri Markannen 11.9pts 7.1rbds 39% FG

The two PF had pretty similar stats in February and fought both with consistency. Kuzma’s Lakers were pretty good but contrary to most other rookies, the Lakers are not waiting for the next draft as they gave up their first round pick. Except two poor 1/8 FG performances in late February, Markannen was good for the rest of the month.

Number 10 : Dennis Smith Jr 14.2pts 4.8as 3.9rbds 3.5tos 35% FG / De’Aron Fox 13.1pts 5.2as 40% FG

Like the two PFs before, the two athletic PGs had comparable stats in February. They will be asked to improve their shooting and overall consistency and may use the months to come to gain playing time as their teams will probably tank for the upcoming draft.

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