Birthday : 9/19/98
Size : 6-2 180
Position : PG
Team : Oklahoma
Hometown : Norman, Oklahoma
Stats : 27.4pts 8.7as 3.9rbds

NBA comparison : Steph Curry

Incredible shooter and passer who is having one of the best freshman and overall season ever. Can shoot from everywhere on the court, very good basketball IQ, often finds the open man. Has been given the key of the OK team. Limited physically and athletically, lacks length. Has been hitting a wall in february with only one game above 33% FG and 20% 3pt. Is relying too much on his jump shot. Turnover prone even if he almost has a 2 as/to ratio. Doesn’t make much effort on D and lacks the strength, quickness and length to be efficient. A lot of talent but a lot of work to be  a legit or more than a starting NBA point guard.

Hocine LOUKKAF 2/19/18