Birthday : 5/12/98
Size : 7-0 225
Position : PF/C
Team : Texas
Hometown : Harlem, NY
Stats : 12.9pts 10.5rbds 3.7blks

NBA comparison : Kevin Garnett

Incredible length at 7-0 with a 7-9 wingpsan. Can go very high to snatch rebounds, block shots or get alley oops. Moves very well for someone his size, very good end to end runner, can switch on PnR defense. One of the best shot blockers in the NCAA, always keeps his arms high, Doesn’t bite on fakes. Still has to find more efficiency on low post offense. Must gain weight on his lower body and work on his low post moves. His shooting is good in the mid range, starts to get some success from the three point line too. Needs to improve his handling to develop as a four man, be able to use shot fakes in the high post to drive. Probably the player with the biggest upside, time will say how good he can become, has to keep improving and could develop into one of the top bigs in the NBA. Very smart kid who had offers from Ivy league teams, including Harvard.

Hocine LOUKKAF 2/19/18

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