Birthday : 1/4/99
Size : 6-1 180
Position : PG
Team : Alabama
Hometown : Atlanta, Georgia
Stats : 19.2pts 3.8rbds 3.6as

NBA comparison : Eric Bledsoe (less explosive)

Athletic scoring PG who plays hard like he proved it in his 40pts game against Minnesota. Draws a lot of fouls (7FT attempts per game, 77% made), always on attack mode. 6-6 wingspan  and good strength which helps him finish through contact. A winner mentality. More of a scoring PG than a passing one, only 3.5as for 2.4tos. Tends to force the issue on offense. Not a real threat from 3, 32.6%. Has to become a better defensive player with his length and athleticism.

Hocine LOUKKAF 2/21/18

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